Best-in-class care for patients on noninvasive ventilation therapy.

Transitioning from the hospital to the home environment can be a stressful time for patients and caregivers managing COPD or neuromuscular disorders. At Classic VentCare, we understand these concerns and are committed to providing a concierge level of care designed to improve patient quality of life.

Our High-Touch Patient Protocol focuses on patient education, continual assessment of disease progression and ongoing communication with the patient’s care team. Focused on the first 30 days post-discharge, this protocol is designed to prevent unscheduled doctor and ER visits and lower hospital readmission rates.

Smooth transitions

We follow best practices for transition to the home. Where possible the RT visits the patient pre-discharge for an orientation and ventilator trial.


30 day intensive

Extra support is provided to patients during the first 30 days of therapy through RT home visits and telemedicine, view the High-Touch Patient Protocol here.

Customized care plans

Each care plan is customized by disease state and an ongoing risk profile generated by scientifically-validated instruments such as the CAT™ Assessment.

Clinical focus

We track a vast array of data points including spirometry, breath sounds, vital signs, compliance downloads, and ventilator data. Learn more here.