We understand that services are not delivered within a silo, but rather we are one participant in a continuum of care delivered by multiple parties.Our High-Touch Patient Protocol is based on the GOLD Guidelines, with the end goal of reducing preventable hospital readmissions through care team communication and clinical best practices.

At each face-to-face home visit a Classic VentCare respiratory therapist conducts a spirometry test, a CAT Assessment (for applicable COPD patients), and checks the patient’s vitals, which are reported along with ventilator download data and other observations to the referring physician.

We deliver an ongoing Patient Progress Report which contains:

  • Spirometry test results
  • Compliance data download
  • Medication usage and compliance
  • Weight, blood pressure, heart rate, breath sounds and pulse oximeter reading
  • Ventilator download data – compliance and patient response to therapy including:
    • Hours and patterns of use
    • Vt(est), TOTlot, % patient triggered breaths, respiratory rate
    • Type, frequency and number of respiratory events
    • Delivered iPAP, delivered EPAP, mode utilized, interface
  • CAT Assessment results, if applicable
  • Anecdotal clinical response to oxygen therapy, if applicable

Each Patient Progress Report can be tailored to the needs of the patient and preferences of the referring physician.